Selasa, 24 September 2013

So Ji Sub > The Master Sun Prev 14

JW: What are you to me?
GS: I used my very well developed sixth-sense(same pronunciation with sexiness in korean).
JW: There is no sexiness in anypart of you.
GS: You're very rude, and overly self confident. Be careful!
GOMADAM: You didn't forgot about our deal, did you? It will be better for you to put away normal life.
JW: Is our candy lonely and sad even in here?
Hanna(HJ): If you're still beside me, then I'm sorry about what happened.
BADGUYOMFG: That girl...she was working for the Kingdom mall.
GW: Is he really now unneeded?
JW: Are you sure you don't need it?(me?)
GS: I don't need it.
JW: Turn around.
GS:'s really over now.
credit : soompi the master's sun thread 
what will happpen in the next episode ? 
i'm so curious 

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