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So Ji Sub Rumors is Only Hoax

I have something to tell you here.

These days, I have tried not to visit here because this page has given so much stress to me. I was really surprised to see how many rumors and ridiculous novels have been writing even by several So Jisub fans here.

They say " I have so many information about the girl who So Jisub is dating with."
I want to ask them "Are you So Jisub's family or his close friends? How can you get such kind of informations? If you were a his fan, you must not make false story about his personal life."

We have very big political issues these days in Korea.
Yesterday, some powerful people need hot issue for Korean people to avert their eyes from the political big issues.

In the early morning, all media say about Bae Young Joon's love. I am sorry to say it but he isn't popular here in Korea not as much as Japan. He isn't hot in Korea. And he is 41 years old.(He is born in 1972)
So many Korean say " wow congratulations!" That's it. Many people accept his love without any resistance. So, they need more powerful issue and they chose So Jisub. Yes he is very very hot and popular star in Korea. All women' love.
It was So Jisub love rumor. Since 2 pm, they poured So Jisub love rumors.
All portal sites and all smart phones were talking about this only.
And the girl in the rumor is not famous. So her company makes more news.
Even if 51k strenuously denied , more articles have come out.

I really hope So Jisub fans not to make story and not to write novels about So Jisub.
You must know your rumor and your novel has given severe wound to So Jisub.

He tried to enjoy his life and make more friends in the entertainment business regardless boy group or girl group. Is it his fault?

This page is rumor page or So Jisub fan page?

So Jisub doesn't have powerful company and he doesn't give bribe to journalists.
I cannot explain everything about Korean entertainment business world , where is not easy to keep his position only with his talent and his efforts.

So Jisub has only his fans. So he calls his fans his family. You are his background. If his fans don't trust him and his fans make story and rumor, how can he manage to do his life as an actor?
He used to say he has been hurt by his fans before.

I hope this page will be for So Jisub real fans to support him without any rumors.
credit by Korean Sister 
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Kamis, 19 Desember 2013