Sabtu, 24 Maret 2012

so ji sub at kimpo airport

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i don't have any description ji sub so perfect love ji sub scraft
this ji sub video at kimpo airport

Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

So Ji Sub releases his mini album ‘Corona Borealis’

The songs from So’s album were released online on March 20 at midnight. So transforms into a rapper through the album.
Popular songwriter Kim Kun Woo, who has written songs for many singers, including, Supreme Team, Jewelry, and SG Wannabe, produced the album. The album portrays a variety of aspects, including break ups between lovers and it also includes songs that the public can easily relate to.
He included more songs in the album than his last single album Pick Up Line, which was released in 2011. Many artists, including, Bobby Kim, Huh Gak, and soprano Han Kyung Mi, who is a jury member for tvN’s Opera Star, helped him to make the album perfect.
Famous vocal trainer Mellow, who has worked with Huh Gak, Lee Hyo Ri, Baek Ji Young, and Ivy, was featured in the title song “Some Kind of Story” from So’s album.
The song is about a man who wants to leave and a girl who doesn’t want him to leave. Many people are saying that the song feels like a TV drama. Bobby Kim also sang the duet “1 Year Ago to the Day” with So and drew a lot of attention.So decided to appear on SBS’s series Ghost (working title), which will start airing in May. He will make his comeback to the small screen through the series in 2 years.

Senin, 19 Maret 2012

ji sub and his big brother song seung hoon

ji sub and his brother went to traditional market

Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

So Ji Sub is hungry for strawberries in his magazine “SONICe”

So Ji Sub‘s magazine ‘SONICe‘ was released today in offline bookstores just in time for White Day in Korea.
The newly released ‘SONICe’ featured a ‘greed’ themed photoshoot of So Ji Sub. The photoshoot that shows him pulling on a model’s wrist and reaching to eat the strawberries in her hand was actually So Ji Sub’s idea.

 The model who was blessed(?) by So Ji Sub’s touch is the same model in his arms on the cover of the magazine. When this was told, many of the fans were jealous of her.
The day before the release of ‘SONICe’, So Ji Sub released a song from his upcoming album ‘Corona Borealis‘, titled ”That Day a Year Ago.” The song is a mix of Bobby Kim‘s soft tone and So Ji Sub’s sorrowful rap that tells the story of a man who can’t let go of his love that left him one year ago.

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub will be starring as a cold detective, Kim Woo Hyun, in a new SBS drama, ‘Ghost’ that is set to air this May.

star news via chosun 

the day a year ago [teaser]

yayyyy the teaser coming out yayyyy hwaiting oppa 파이팅

Selasa, 13 Maret 2012

so ji sub and boby kim

lyric the day a year ago so ji sub and boby kim

뭐... 그럭저럭 잘 지냈어...

간만에 풀린 날씨 기분 좋게 맞는 아침
오랜만에 좀 걷고 싶어 바깥 공기도 마실 겸
하늘 보며 걷다 보니 발 가는 대로 닿다 보니
눈에 익은 이 길 지금은 조금은 희미해진
너와 걷던 다음 봄에 다시 걷다 손가락 걸었던
그 길 위에서 네가 서있었던 그 자리에서
널 떠올려 웃으며 이젠 꺼내 볼 수 있어
네 기억 이제 날카롭지 않나봐 안아파

너를 바래다주던 이 길
내 맘 고백했던 이곳
사랑은 다 끝났지만
다시 이 자리엔...

혹시 미련 남길까 봐 시선조차 피했었지
잊기 전엔 다신 안 가 이 악물고 다짐했었지
이젠 너와 웃던 그 길에서 너와의 추억에 기대서
행복했던 때를 떠올려 너와의 자리에 머물러

괜히 또 만져보다가
눈감아 보다가

이젠 물어 볼 수 있어 이젠 답할 수 있어
요즘 잘 지내냐고 나도 잘 지낸다고

너를 바래다주던 이 길
내 맘 고백했던 이곳
사랑은 다 끝났지만
다시 이 자리엔...

네가 보여 늘 크게 웃던 네가 들려
그리워서 보고 싶어서 지울 수 없나 봐

그 동안 약해지기 싫어서
네 흔적들 피하면서 살았지만
이젠 다 괜찮아졌어
뭐...조금씩 잊혀지겠지...괜찮아지겠지...

괜찮아 기억 속 너와 마주해도
괜찮아 바보 같았던 날 보게 돼도
괜찮아 너와의 추억 간직한 채로
괜찮아(괜찮아) 괜찮아

나 혼자 이 길을 걷는다
지난 시간을 헤맨다
사랑은 지나갔지만
다시 이 자리에

내게는 하나뿐이었던
눈부시게 소중했던
사랑은 다 끝났지만
다시 이 자리엔...

"잘 가... 잘 가라구... 가..."

1년 전 그날 그렇게 쉽게 널 떠나보낸
바보 같은 내가 있다...

so ji sub and boby kim music coming out