Selasa, 20 Maret 2012

So Ji Sub releases his mini album ‘Corona Borealis’

The songs from So’s album were released online on March 20 at midnight. So transforms into a rapper through the album.
Popular songwriter Kim Kun Woo, who has written songs for many singers, including, Supreme Team, Jewelry, and SG Wannabe, produced the album. The album portrays a variety of aspects, including break ups between lovers and it also includes songs that the public can easily relate to.
He included more songs in the album than his last single album Pick Up Line, which was released in 2011. Many artists, including, Bobby Kim, Huh Gak, and soprano Han Kyung Mi, who is a jury member for tvN’s Opera Star, helped him to make the album perfect.
Famous vocal trainer Mellow, who has worked with Huh Gak, Lee Hyo Ri, Baek Ji Young, and Ivy, was featured in the title song “Some Kind of Story” from So’s album.
The song is about a man who wants to leave and a girl who doesn’t want him to leave. Many people are saying that the song feels like a TV drama. Bobby Kim also sang the duet “1 Year Ago to the Day” with So and drew a lot of attention.So decided to appear on SBS’s series Ghost (working title), which will start airing in May. He will make his comeback to the small screen through the series in 2 years.

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