Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

GHOST scene

[Ghost] to create the best scenes from the worst.
View >> feel the power of the ' ghost ' in pictures: this drama is discussed. ★K
ji sub totally look like young boy hahahahah 


So Ji Sub and Choi Daniel Become Judokas for ‘Ghost

Actor So Ji Sub and Choi Daniel have transformed into judokas for their upcoming drama.

SBS released new still cuts from the upcoming first episode of its So Ji Sub-led drama Ghost which stars So Ji Sub as Kim Woo Hyun, a focused and honest cyber crimes investigator.

In the still cuts are scenes from the May 20 shoot inside a gymnasium in Yongin. So Ji Sub and Choi Daniel are seen in judo outfits as they stretch and loosen up before engaging in a match.

Remarkably, despite it being So Ji Sub’s first time doing judo, he earned praise for his quick learning and for arriving before anyone else to practice.

The scenes will air in Ghost’s first episode which will premiere on May 30 on SBS.

Photo credit: 51K