Selasa, 08 Mei 2012

“Ghost” Stills: So Ji Sub & Lee Yeon Hee Are On Top Of The World

 Initial stills are out for the upcoming drama Ghost, starring So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee.

The scene below was shot on a helipad of a building at Nuritkum Square in Sangam Seoul. The actors conveyed intense passion and didn’t show their exhaustion despite shooting for a long period of time.

In the drama, So Ji Sub plays Kim Woo Hyun, and per AsianWiki, he “is the only son of a high ranking police officer. Woo-Hyun entered the police academy ranked first and graduated from the academy ranked first. As a detective, he then joins the cyber investigation department. Woo-Hyun then works to reveal the secrets of those that hide within the cyber world.”

Ghost will air this month, taking over Rooftop Prince‘s time slot.

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