Rabu, 16 Mei 2012

Lee Yun Hee makes So Ji Sub her role model

Mellow faced actress , Lee Yun Hee, challenges herself to play a cyber crimes police detective in upcoming drama Ghost.
It’s her first role in a crime thriller drama where she plays Yoo Kang Mi, the prettiest police officer in the history of police squad. Yoo Kang Mi is cute but makes too many mistake in her works unlike her gorgeous look. And she adores her fellow genius cyber crime police officer Woo Hyun (played by So Ji Sub).
About her new drama, Lee Yun Hee said ‘The seriousness of each case in this drama requires high concentration at each scene. I take it seriously so that I don’t miss a single moment’.
About her partner , So Ji Sub, she said ‘He has amazing concentration skill. I want to make him as my role model. During break time, he starts many conversations and treats me so well’.
Ghost debuts May 30.

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