Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

So Ji Sub is hungry for strawberries in his magazine “SONICe”

So Ji Sub‘s magazine ‘SONICe‘ was released today in offline bookstores just in time for White Day in Korea.
The newly released ‘SONICe’ featured a ‘greed’ themed photoshoot of So Ji Sub. The photoshoot that shows him pulling on a model’s wrist and reaching to eat the strawberries in her hand was actually So Ji Sub’s idea.

 The model who was blessed(?) by So Ji Sub’s touch is the same model in his arms on the cover of the magazine. When this was told, many of the fans were jealous of her.
The day before the release of ‘SONICe’, So Ji Sub released a song from his upcoming album ‘Corona Borealis‘, titled ”That Day a Year Ago.” The song is a mix of Bobby Kim‘s soft tone and So Ji Sub’s sorrowful rap that tells the story of a man who can’t let go of his love that left him one year ago.

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub will be starring as a cold detective, Kim Woo Hyun, in a new SBS drama, ‘Ghost’ that is set to air this May.

star news via chosun 

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