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So Ji Sub - Master Sun Kiss Scene

So Ji-sub, Kong Hyo-jin’s lips met for two hours

Passionate kissing scene of actor So Ji-sub and actress Kong Hyo-jin appearing on the Master’s sun stirred up the whole drama set.
In the 9th episode of Master’s sun on Sept. 4, Joo Joong-won (So Ji-sub) and Tae Kong-sil (Kong Hyo-jin) are to display their romantic kissing scene, of which he will draw her closer to his breast after kissing her. It is raising questions about the man with an unusually serious look and the woman in fashionable cloths with heavy make-up.
In the last episode, Joong-won finally expressed his sincerity unbearably attracted to her although he was afraid of close relationship with Kong-sil. And he also asked her to help him having a hard time due to Cha Hee-joo (Han Bo-reum). Viewers are showing excitement regarding their love story will be affected by the first kissing scene of them who look close yet distant.
So and Kong’s romantic kissing scene was shot at a studio in Gyeonggi-do on August 31. Checking every equipment and adjusting camera angles, director Jin Hyeok put his all energy to create the best scene which shows good chemistry of them. The director took the shot for 2 hours with enthusiasm for short but intense scene.
Especially, two actors put their heads together to find a better way to express their ardent love before staring shooting. They totally immersed in the filming and their romantic kissing scene was completed without NG. And they remained professional talking naturally about their performance after the shoot. On the contrary, staff members calmed their agitated mind with the sweet scene.
Meanwhile, Kong played totally different character, which was surprisingly unusual. Rehearsing constantly with various voice tone, she made a perfect character different from her original role Tae Kong-sil, which startled her co-star So as well as all crews.
At the end of episode 8 on August 29, angry Joong-won heard something from Cha Hee-joo was attracted of viewers. The man with violent primitive passion and the woman looking sadly at her loved one evoked a sense of wonder to viewers.

awwww i don't want to see -.- 
fu fu finally Jong Won kiss Tae Gong Shil 
Don't miss it Master Sun will airing on wed-thu at 22:00 pm


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