Jumat, 14 September 2012

so ji sub 소지섭 홍대 street

So Ji Sub’s appearance in Hongdae caused the entire area to freeze up with fans hoping to see the star. On September 14, various online communities and SNS uploaded snapshots of So Ji Sub walking through the streets of Hongdae.
In the photos, So Ji Sub can be seen struggling through the large crowds. The photos were taken on the day of the shooting for KBS Entertainment Weekly’s guerilla date segment. Despite the large crowds of people, So Ji Sub’s face was clearly seen.

Netizens, who saw the pictures, commented, “Another walking and talking mannequin arrived again,” “I should have gone to Hongdae,” and “Even in random snapshots, he shines.”

Meanwhile, So Ji Sub is promoting his movie A Company Man, which is about a company of hit men. It will premiere on September 18.

Photo Credit: Online Community
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Actor So Ji Sub was recently spotted on the streets of Hongdae and has attracted attention. 
Recently, on an online community's notice board, pictures of actor So Ji Sub on the streets of Hongdae was uploaded with the title 'So Ji Sub's Guerrilla Date.'
In the pictures that were uploaded, actor So Ji Sub was filming for an episode of KBS2 program, 'Entertainment Weekly,' and actor So Ji Sub was seen with a check patterned shirt with black pants. So Ji Sub was able to pull of the casual and average fashion, and his image attracted a great deal of attention. 
Actor So Ji Sub's tall height and superior physical appearance could even be seen in the crowd of many people, and he shows proof of his nickname 'So Gan Ji.'

oh my god oh my god this is star dating isn't it ?oh my god 
lucky they are omoo when i can meet with him 
opppa sarangeoooo 

and this is it video from
뵈뵈 thank youuuu 

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