Minggu, 16 September 2012

so ji sub & lee mi yeon on section tv

Actress Lee Mi Yeon said that she would take So Ji Sub with her if she was to leave for a deserted island.
In a recent shooting for MBC’s Section TV Celebrity News, Lee Mi Yeon has shared her feelings about returning to the industry through the movie A Company Man after five years and her first impression on So Ji Sub and Kwak Do Won.
She said, “So Ji Sub still doesn’t talk much, but Kwak Do Won likes to talk and drink.” So agreed with her saying, “Kwak Do Won is just a heavy guy. But he’s like a happy virus in our crew.”
When Lee Mi Yeon, the only girl of the cast, was asked, “Among So Ji Sub, Kwak Do Won, and Kim Dong Joon, whom are you going to take with you if you were to leave for a deserted island?” Lee immediately pointed at So Ji Sub and explained, “The deserted island wouldn’t have a TV, and I need something to entertain my eyes,” and inspired a big laughter.
In addition, you can also check out Kwak Do Won’s taste in women recommended by So Ji Sub and an anecdote that Lee Mi Yeon had to act out a bad singer pretending to sing well because of her previous career as a singer in the movie. The episode broadcasted on September 16 at 3:20 p.m.
source Xportnews

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