Selasa, 18 September 2012

Asian On Air Program ,,the things wants to do in korea

hi Asian On Air Program
thanks to makes this program 
and you know how much i wanna go to korea and meet with my idol 
go to some place that i really want to go 
mmm i just can't say anything cause i was thinking if this moment really happened 
and the things want to do in korea 
i really want to go at this place the name is Dutayeon gallery 
you know so ji sub korean actor have this gallery .
He was subsequently named the goodwill ambassador of Gangwon-do in an effort to boost tourism there, and a 51 km-long trail in the province was named "So Ji-sub Road", which was unveiled to the public on May 20, 2012. He is the first Korean celebrity to have an entire road named after him.
i will show you more pict of  Dutayeon Gallery 

wowwwwwww this is the thing that really i wante to do in korea go to my idol gallery 
^^ omooo i can't imagine about that 
and after go to Ji Sub Gallery 
i have other plans ^^ kkkk 
next destenation is "TWOSOMEPLACE BY 51k"

 i want to eat all of ji sub menu ^^ ahhhhh woowww 
so ji sub caffe or so twosome place by 51k is located near Apgujeong subway station, Exit 3.
my desire is want to meet ji sub and come sjs caffe and his gallery 
and the last expedision i want go to 51k ji sub agency 
51k sjs agency 

51k ji sub agency 
actually 51k is personal agency in 51k there's only so ji sub ^^
ahhh why i want to go to 51k ?
cause i want to see him if i luck i wanted meet so ji sub ^^
well my english not good at all but for this event i'll try to creat this blog with english kkk ^^
mmmm 51k agency is located @gangnam ,seoul ..
well i don't know where this place there ?
but i will ask my friend in korea if i really go to korea hhhe 
you see the red post box i will give ji sub "BATIK" traditional fabrics from my country 
hope i could hug him 
hope my dreams come true 
and i can go there soon 

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  1. i enjoy your post and all the pics which complete our fave So Ji Sub...Lucky is the woman he would marry.