Senin, 08 Oktober 2012

So Ji Sub - hajiyoung, late-night foot massage from the dating scene captured

Broadcaster and actor So Ji hajiyoung late-night dating scene suddenly became public.

A foot massage to hajiyoung that SJS late at night in the park, look a picture from nine days on an online community bulletin board. Real dating scene SJS and hajiyoung capture the title and was published several photos day.

Pictures in the SJS and hajiyoung two men early autumn weather in the late night in the sauna in Busan SJS and give a foot massage hajiyoung of having a good time in the shows. Wish Tell 'hajiyoung of the source of this picture in Busan last week, SBS' Midnight TV Entertainment 'Corner pictures taken during shooting. The actual date is not known.

Two of them 10 business days, 20:50 foot massage dating scene can be found at the 'Midnight TV Entertainment'.

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