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Interview on heraldcorp news October 9, 2012.

still don't have translate about ji sub interview :( ahhh so sad
but i tried to translate heraldcorp article with translate machine
Met with the film actor So Ji Sub (35) found the 17th Busan International Film Festival. The third time this year to attend, he said. Qualified 'Only Only You' starring actor, was invited last year, the opening film of the year, the Busan Haeundae outdoor stage with the promotion of the new film 'office worker' checking in. visited. Met in a hotel room with a view of the sea Haeundae Busan have been happy if "good" and "I know why singers on stage are," fans yelling a force recall if he had the day before SJS fans and testimony to the meeting said. Talking about the new performance, commitment and transformation of the new film as an actor, he continued the interview. 'Office worker' work is actually the protagonist of the story, the assassination of a professional killer, a seemingly ordinary metal manufacturing company, in fact, the title of sales manager of the organization in Hitman living thing Green. Captured a unique set of killer living under the stress of tight organization and its work, even as ordinary workers. Was a hero to transact seamlessly within the organization 'part-time worker' (irregular part-time youth workers) to meet new daily happiness on humanity and open your eyes and try to escape from the past, but from the moment of the determination that the target of the organization .

Workers to work hard, but in my mind all the time, I want to quit someday be thought that his resignation "live with, you know? I'm his protagonist such a person's topography. Joe caught the killer in my mind working in a normal office environment. "

SJS is not never seen a rush job at the right time to be bringing the compulsory military service, a car two years of public service personnel who worked at the Mapo District Office. Tried to live a normal life 

"Absolutely. In my case, I want to become an actor, and began acting cause it was not. School (Guidance) large - the game 11 years from childhood to swim haewatgo teukgisaeng getting scholarship went in. I thought of course, will have a job related to swimming. Calvins and a lot of friends, swim coach actually. Physical education teacher or civil servant or a bunch of kids in a pool to teach might be thought. Office worker probably got a long time to come to the group life well think it would have been. "

Dating, marriage seriously think I am. He socializing with people watching the eyes and mouth) (in the age of Twitter, many celebrities as "age we are, knowingly or unknowingly have been dating, but indeed it is not easy," he confided. Still abusive like "forty married before," he said. Yet new challenges remained
I am still known as the location of the 'between seeing the actors' "from the film industry honest, I think Would like to be more recognized, giving stability to become an actor. Film investment company (agency 51K), and there are plans for a production. Still just me, but the juniors deulyigo I want to Music continue to present the idea. Fence wondering what style of music is in February next year. "1 million largest fan meeting in Japan are planning.


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