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So Ji Sub > Recap Master's Sun Episode 16

So Ji Seob & Gong Hyo Jin Evnetually Break Up
episode 16, Joo Joong Won(played by ) and Tae Gong Sil(played by Gong Hyo Jin) eventually broke up.
Gong Sil said to Joong Won, “I hate myself for seeing ghosts. I can’t even handle myself. How would you be able to?” Joong Won replied, “So if you follow that guy, you won’t be seeing things anymore? Okay then, I’ll accept your final decision. Let’s end this.”
He continued, “Tae Gong Sil. You and I held hands once and had dinner only once. Which also means, we can break up really easily. I’m going to forget you.”

In The Master’s Sun, episode 16, Tae Yi Ryung(played by ) kissed Kang Woo(played by ) and smiled.
Yi Ryung acted sick to stop Tae Gong Sil(played by Gong Hyo Jin) from leaving. Woo came to her hospital room and said, “Are you sure you’re okay to let go of this movie?” Just then she stood up, kissed him, and covered herself up with the blanket. Woo said, “Did you just commit a terror? I am surprised but I was king of expecting it anyway, so I’m not that mad. Are you sure this is enough? I thought of something more extreme than this, but thank God it isn’t.”
Yi Ryung again stood up, help his head with both hands and said, “Let me try one more time.” As she tried to kiss him again, Woo pushed her away and said, “There are reporters outside. You shouldn’t be coming out.” After he left, she said to herself, “I should have just jumped on him.”

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