Senin, 12 November 2012


Forever heartthrob, actor So Ji Sub, had the hearts of fans fluttering as he became a ‘homme fatale’ for the newest edition of ‘High Cut’ magazine. The actor participated in a rather risque pictorial as he undid the undergarments of the female model as well as taking alluring shots on the bed.
Through the interview conducted after the shoot, the actor revealed his laid back nature as he discussed the smartphone game ‘Anipang’ revealing, “My best score is 159,000.”
However, he revealed that he is not one to be playing with his smartphone when hanging out with those close to him. “I really hate situations when people meet up with families or their close friends, or even their lover, and just stare at their phone rather than converse. Humans need skinship or interaction to feel affection, but as there is less conversation, they feel those affections through their smartphones. But shouldn’t they be having interactions with people?”
He also revealed that as of the time being, he currently does not have any offers to star in variety programs. As he previously made an appearance on ‘Infinity Challenge’, fans had been wondering if the actor would be returning to the show. However, So Ji Sub stated, “Viewers looked upon me fondly because it was just one appearance. If I appeared twice or even three times, they’ll probably think differently,” as he laughed.
omooo ji sub so hot, masculine and sexsi 
ahh always fashionable 
my heart beat so fast 

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