Minggu, 10 Juni 2012

Always” Japan presscon interview So Ji Sub and Han Hyo Joo

1 : What scene in the movie you most excited about?
The first meeting in the parking management field, because the two characters are in love from there.

HHJ : Together find a stone in the river, they holding their hands on the first time. This scene represents the beginning of the love of the two .
2 : what’s the impression to each other when the two of you first meet?
“Before this, I had only seen her on TV. She has a bright image, so I thought that she’d be bouncing around on set. But I’m surprised that she’s a totally different person when you meet her. She studied and worked harder than I did. I think that image is reflected in the Jung Hwa character. I enjoyed filming and it will remain a good experience.

HHJ : It was an honor for me to work with So Ji Sup sunbae (senior) in my first melodramatic movie. He’s very warm person. He guided me so well and had exemplary manners.
3 : what about your impression of the filming?
This film is beautiful and warm love story, but in fact there are many sad scenes. They are just happy in a short time. But when the actual shooting, the atmosphere so lively and fun.

HHJ : The filming don’t have any special experience, like Mr. So Ji Sub said, even the film is about a love story but the happiness between the two charactres are very short. However in the shooting process, there are so many happy parts therefore I’m enjoy it.

4 . How do you to prepare the role?
HHJ : I did everything that I could to get into character. I watched a lot of movies and documentaries. I went to a museum and also went to the school for the blind to learn how to read Braille and use a cane. I also met truly visually impaired people, eat together, shopping together, so I’m close with daily habits of visually impaired people.It was really helpful to play the part but didn’t know where to start at the beginning.”
5 : What do you think of love in this movie?
Although love is a very beautiful, but love is also accompanied by loyalty and sacrifice, which can become a guide with the power of love.
HHJ : This kind love may exist in reality. In this film, love is difficult and complicated because I think it is very noble and very beautiful. Although in this romance there is a painfull and sadness, but all women want to try this kind of love.
6 : You said that Hyo Joo called you “uncle”
Before the beginning of shooting miss, Han Hyo Joo called me uncle. In the shooting scene, most of the time, she called my uncle. Even after the end of the shooting, she still called me uncle.I think it’s nothing bad. Uncle is individual so called me uncle, my own mood is also very good.
thanks to han hyo joo blog ^^

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