Selasa, 03 April 2012

Daniel Choi Cast as So Ji Sub’s Friend in ‘Ghost’

Alright, the investigation team is almost ready for the upcoming cyber crime drama ‘Ghost’. I don’t know how much people they need to complete it, but we have already had So Ji Sub, Lee Yeon Hee, and Uhm Ki Joon (eerrr.. I don’t know yet if he’s part of the team though, no details till now). Aaaannd now another name is added to the lineup, Daniel Choi (Baby-Faced Beauty).
It’s about an investigation team specializing in solving cyber crimes. No much details for Daniel’s character, except he’s told as the friend of So Ji Sub’s character. So plays the cold-hearted, sharp elite detectives named Kim Woo Hyun, while Lee’s a cyber elite detective named Yoo Kang Mi who also becomes the team’s pretty face.
This will be a reunion project for not only So and Lee, but also Uhm and Daniel who have co-worked two times in the past for ‘The World They Live In’ and ‘Good Job, Good Job’.
Ghost’ will follow Micky Yoochun-Han Ji Min’s new time-traveling rom-com ‘Rooftop Prince’ and air in mid of May.
Source: TV Report

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